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Commonwealth Investigation & Information Services (CIIS) is a full service company located in the coastal Virginia area specializing in smart investigative strategies and detailed information research to the legal community, corporations, government agencies, insurance companies and the general public serving the entire state of Virginia and beyond with over 32 years of experience.


We have the capability to discreetly gather information and evidence of adultery/infidelity as well as a spouse’s other activities that may establish grounds for divorce.

Child Custody

CIIS utilizes discreet surveillance to monitor and document activities of another while a child is in their custodial care.  We have the ability to expose an unhealthy environment.

Background Services

We can verify identity, date of birth, credentials, provide facts of previous marriages, divorces, find criminal records, judgements, liens, bankruptcies, property and assets.

Corporate Investigations

We provide background checks of employees to assist employers in meeting or exceeding their goals in hiring.

Criminal Matters

We can identify, locate and interview witnesses and develop new witnesses and information.   We gather information, provide quality video and photograph evidence.


Advances in technology have enabled just about anyone to watch you, track your movements or eavesdrop.  Illegal eavesdropping or surveillance is on the rise.

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